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Name:Ben, The Ultimate Pro
Meet Ben, The Ultimate Pro. He wanders the multiverse, exploring universes and worlds and occasionally discovering new ones. He's been to our universe, hundreds of alternate versions of our universe, many universes known to us only in fiction, many known to us only in fanfiction, and quite a number of oddball, utterly alien universes.

He's lived for at least a millennium in our years, but he has no idea how long he's actually lived for; indeed, he has no idea where he was born, who his parents are, or what he actually is. He can take a number of forms, but most often he takes that of an ordinary human businessman, clad in a suit. Under extreme emotion, he may shift form involuntarily to reflect his current mood. He knows not where most of his forms come from or what they represent, only that they are available to him.

His exploration of the multiverse follows in the footsteps of a small, shockingly obscure network of multiverse explorers with no particular name. This group, having long documented their findings in scattered collections of physical notes, stories, and memories, have only recently begun to pool their knowledge together in earnest and develop their work beyond private adventures, though it is a slow, painful transition. While Ben has only encountered members of this group in passing, these encounters have helped Ben to better navigate the twisted, obscure connections between universes, and he uses their mobile app to decent effect, as dodgy, incomprehensible and difficult to use as it is.

Ben wanders without purpose, drifting from one world to the next on a whim. Most people would find themselves killed in short order living like this, and Ben was no exception. Difference is, Ben is effectively immortal; while he can die (and has many, many, many times), he always wakes back up within a few days, in perfect health and always with all of his possessions. This and his agelessness means he has survived situations that ought to have destroyed him, and rarely will he take precautions to avoid death. Indeed, his survival skills are utterly pathetic; don't expect him to be of much help if you're stranded with him on a desert island.


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